Candidate statement Regional Director, Region 9 2012, Anthony Batchelor

The new region

In May the new Region 9 Europe will become a reality and CFA will further expand its global influence. The new region will be very different from the existing regions in both population and makeup; many countries with many languages and cultures. I feel that new ways of thinking will be necessary and the 'benevolent dictator' type of regional director will not work satisfactorily in this new environment. My aim will be to have a regional structure that encourages full democratic participation in the regional affairs by all European clubs.

With that in mind, Guy Juy and I submitted a suggestion to the CFA Board asking for their opinion on our ideas to more fully involve the European clubs themselves in the decision making procedures of the new region. In February the Board gave us some very good guidelines towards modifying our suggestion into a set of regional rules, or regional bylaws. The Board added that "… think we should encourage the endeavour, but (they) need to tweak it a little bit so that it's not inconsistent with the way we do things".

If I am elected as the R9 RD then a redrafted document that follows the Board's advice will be submitted. It will first go to all the R9 clubs for discussion and their own changes to be incorporated. Finally the agreed draft will again be sent to the CFA Board. In that way the new region will have a democratic organisational structure that still conforms to the CFA Constitution.

cats always help!
kitten sitting

Personal, about cats

My wife and I were born into cat owning families and a week after we were married we got our very first family cat! Renting one room on the first floor of an old house meant he had to be neutered as soon as possible! A year later we all three moved to a ground floor flat with its own bit of garden, but he had got used to living indoors and refused to venture out. Until we got a little female who rapidly presented us with kittens and our male got so worried about them going out that he had to follow to keep an eye on them!

In later years we collected more cats and also two children. Our first pedigree cat was a Siamese who needed to be rehomed. We moved from England to Denmark in 1994 with eight cats. Soon we got an Exotic who also needed to be rehomed, and his breeder asked that we showed him. That started our involvement with the cat fancy. In the years since then we have owned another Siamese, an Oriental, a Cornish Rex and two Sphynx. We have owned and bred Devon Rex and German Rex and hope soon to breed Sphynx.

Personal, about CFA

In 2006 I started looking at the possibility of establishing a CFA club in Denmark. In 2009 I founded Cat Fanciers of Denmark and we were approved in 2010. The purpose of CFD is, and always has been, to give Danish owners an expanded choice of associations for registering and showing their cats. Until then, the only way they could be involved in non-FIFe activities was outside of Denmark.

As part of CFD I hope that with the establishment of Region 9, the more direct involvement of CFA in Europe will encourage more Danes to become part of CFA. I would like to help establish a mentoring system (for new clubs in particular) that will help all clubs to expand the activities of CFA within their own countries.

Personal, about experience

For 22 years I was employed as a trouble shooter working on finding problems and suggesting fixes for equipment, system and organisation designs. When the work started to take me away from my family for too long, we decided I should resign and start our own business. It was then possible for my wife to work with me and we travelled extensively around Europe for the next 22 years. During that time I also organised and officiated in professional and amateur organisations.

Personal contact for any questions and comments

I can always be contacted via email at Or by Messenger or Skype (+45 6615 0430) when my computer is switched on; most days from 14:30 - 17:30 CET. I have a formpage at Guestbook for brief comments. I hope to hear from you soon.

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