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DK Snugglebugs

is not a conventional breeding cattery, but somewhere that sixteen cats of all shapes, sizes and breeds live together with Myrtle and Tony who look after them.

We chose to register a name with Felis Danica some time ago because in the future we intended to have some kittens, and also it gives our house cats a sense of identity.

We were married for 50 years in 2003; in all those years we have always had cats who shared our home. We hoped 2004 would also be a lucky year for us - our family welcomed into the fold some kittens from our Devon Rex's first litter, and we also added our (and Danmark's) very first German Rex, who now has her own story page.

Danmark is not our country of birth (which was England) but we chose Danmark as our spiritual home in which to retire and live with our cats. When in 1994 we came to live in Danmark, having visited at least once every year since 1979, eight cats came with us. Alas 13 year old Bella was the last of those to cross the 'Rainbow Bridge'. We wrote in 2004 that "our family are a mixed bunch, six are pedigree cats; Omar (Oriental) Oliver (Exotic), Athos (Cornish Rex), Zozie (Sphynx), Willow (Devon Rex) and Curly-Sue (German Rex)." (One of Willow's kittens, Rowan, Myrtle kept to make a total of 12, but see the story of those kittens!) The remaining five are rescued house cats. Sille (Tabby), Misty (Tabby/White), Snehvide and Peter (both White), Twinkletoes (Black/ White). Most of our rescued cats have sad tales to tell and need to be specially understood as their behaviour is sometimes strange.

We have a big open plan house with a løbegård (a cat run), where the cats play and do what all cats do. Part of the løbegård is covered so if it's wet weather, the cats don't get wet! They do, of course!

We have two sons in their 40's Michael and Eric. Michael and his companion Linda live in England and have two cats; Eric and his wife Noa live in America and have about four cats of their own from their rescue activities - they are all rescued cats who now have loving homes.

Cats are special to us and we hope they are to you too.

Myrtle And Tony DK Snugglebugs

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