Our cat family who came with us to Denmark

In the photo showing our ferry accomodation
are all the cats who we brought to Denmark
from Finchley to Skt.Klemens on 24th March 1994.
All eight had travelled by car and ferry with us.

On the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg we had booked a suite for us and the cats.
The purser refused to let us have it in case the next customer was allergic to cat fur!
The only space they could fit us all in was a storage space between inner and outer hull.
On the right is the outside gangway door. On the left is the inner door to the lounge.
I had to grab spare duvets and chairs from the cabin we were given so we had our own bathroom!

DFDS ferry

(click on their picture for each cat's story)

Twinkle,via Butcher's shop
born 10th March 1979 was 16
when he died on 2nd July 1995


Ptolomey, was a stray
born about 12th April 1981 was 15
when he died on 27th July 1996


Sashkin, full name Sashkin Bilbo
born 4th August 1982 was 14
when he died on 26th May 1997

Sashkin Bilbo

Shelley Maze, from TV location
born 10th October 1982 was 11
when she died on 24th March 1994

Shelley Maze

Bella, full name Grisabella Kottentot
born 24th January 1989 was 13
when she died on 30th September 2002

Grisabella Kottentot

The only time we got two cats together
was from Animal Aid and Advice
Click the logo for the story of Gus and Skim

Fostered kittens

Augustus, via AAA with Skimbleshanks
born 31st March 1989 was 8
when he died on 27th October 1997


Skimbleshanks, via AAA with Augustus
born 31st March 1989 was 9
when he died on 9th July 1998


Rusty, gift from Shirley (last Cat from Finchley)
born 17th May 1992 was 6
when he died on 7th July 1998


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